Todays Thought from the Pastor

Today I encourage you to read John Chapter 11.The raising of Lazarus, a story we may all know.  This is a short time before Passover, likely this happened at this very time of the year. Notice Jesus didn’t arrive at the time they hoped he would, but rather when He needed to. Jesus knew about the situation and had things under His control. The miracle came right on time. Today we too ask for healing, we like Martha and Mary have fears, worries and faith struggles. Jesus knows about these things too, and He is still in control.

As this chapter proceeds we see that the enemies of Jesus plot against Him. We see that they cannot change God’s plans. Brothers and Sisters it’s the same today. All the plans of satan cannot prevail against Gods’ plan. Jesus has the same knowledge and love for us as He had then for Lazarus! We are save in the arms of Jesus, Who will never leave nor forsake us! Today look at your blessings and make the choice to Praise God!!


Thought From the Pastor

Next week is Holy Week whether we deal with an unholy virus or not. Please watch this page for special things on both Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Bear with us as we go through this changed life to gether. Praying that your all blessed and well.


Thoughts From the Pastor

Read Matthew Chapter 25: 31 -46.  In this text the sheep is the believer, the goat the non believer, Which one are you? The sheep go together they follow the shepherd and graze on the good grass (scripture). They graze gently together. Goats on the other hand always have themselves in mind, they are stubborn and prone to fight and be self minded.

If Jesus would return soon, which one would He see you as? If the Lord returns tomorrow will you be in heaven or hell? We know works don’t save us, rather our works reflect Who our Shepherd is. You may think I’ve been in church all my life, I’m good! You can be in church all your life without living for Christ your still a goat!  Please in this time of uncertainty recommit yourself to Christ or if you’ve never done so give yourself to Christ. Now read  Psalm 95: 6-8. Will you hear His voice and heed it? Oh that all would, before it’s too late.  Today be blessed and comforted by He, Who has given His life that you might have eternal life.



Today’s Thought from the Pastor

Today read Psalm 18: 46-49. God, Who will never leave His children. as we deal with the current state of the world, we have nothing to fear!! As God brought David through trial and war so He continues to be with His people. Today is a day of rejoicing for we know that God is in control!! Remember to give thanks and praise today for all God is, and what He does.  Let your heart and your mind focus on the One, True Living God, and praise Him with your entire being.


Today’s Thought From the Pastor:

Read Psalm 91: 1-6: Notice God’s protective hand upon the faithful, they who dwell under God’s shadow. There is nothing, no disaster or disease that is more powerful than God. If you are afraid of the coronavirus, I ask why? Not that we should not be cautious, nor should we be in panic. Shouldn’t we as Christians live every day for Christ as if it’s our last day?? Know that God has a plan for each of us and nothing will overcome it! Be blessed and joyful in Christ!


Today’s Thought From the Pastor

From Jeremiah 3: 16- 17a: “Thus says the Lord:

“Refrain your voice from weeping, and your eyes from tears; for your work shall be rewarded, says the Lord, and they shall come back `from the land of the enemy . There is hope in your future, says the Lord, “.

Hope, that is what we as Christians have. We need to share that hope, that peace, and the Love of Christ.  Today live in that hope, call someone to tell them you care. Be the example of Christ to someone today. What an opportunity we have!


Today’s Thought From the Pastor

Please read Luke 21: 34 -36.  Notice we are to take heed (pay attention), to ourselves. We are to be ready when the Lord returns, and He will. Do we live each day for Jesus? Or especially at this time are we worried about self?

Today I remind you that God is in charge, not men or government, not even Doctors, but God. Is your life being lived for the One, Who gave you life, and provides for all our needs. Our task is to be ready for that day  when He returns. Our hearts need to be right Live each day as if it is your last, live it for Jesus.

Todays thought From the Pastor

Read Psalm 106: 1-2 . Please note this does not read that we are to praise and give thanks when things are going smoothly. Rather this text reminds us that God is good all the time!! In the state of Pennsylvania there have been 370 reported cases of the virus, of that # only 2 persons have died. Less than .6%, are we praising or dreadful. God is bigger than anything we face and worthy of our praise and worship! Today I encourage to make the choice to worship and praise the One , True, Mighty God!

IN HIS LOVE,          P.C.

Today’s Thought From the Pastor

Read Matthew 24: 29-31. In this text we are assured that even after the great tribulation  (which happens after the rapture, so I will miss it.), God is still in control. What we are seeing is a glitch, yes the virus is real, yes it’s deadly for some, but it is not the end of the world!

God is still in charge! He knows you and cares about you! The important thing now is for Christians not to panic, but to live in the truth of their salvation! Share that truth, look out for each others needs, love your neighbors. Let Gods’ love shine through you, through us, and be blessed.



Todays Thought From the Pastor

Please Read Matthew 24:9 -14

Watching the world around us its easy to see some of these very things happening. We are seeing greed at it’s worst, hoarding, black market selling of essentials, and an increase in “me” mentality. Keep in mind this is not the end, panic controls many, fear dominates others. We as Christians should not fear, nor panic! This is the time to reach out to others especially to those who do not know Christ.  As brothers ad sisters, I encourage you to be light in the darkness around us, at the same time check on our folks from the church, and be uplifting and edifying at this time. God will continue to provide. Please call me with your concerns and joys as we will continue to share with each other.

In His Love, P.C.