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  • James 1:22  ” Be a doer of the WORD not just a hearer”.
  • Men, we need to step up and be what God has called us to be. I was a hypocrite but when i gave my life and heart to Jesus Christ He set me free. Now I’m just a believer who is righteous thanks to His saving grace for you & I. We can act hard and tough on the outside but we all have scars that have wounded us deep. The Bible says that God loves a broken and humble spirit. So lets stand up and be all that we can be as a warrior of our Lord’s army. He does the fighting and we follow His lead. I trust you will hear what the Spirit of God speaks to your soul and yoke your heart to Jesus. His yoke is easy and burden light so he will lead us as we plow with Him. May all who read this surrender fully to the lover of our souls and live our lives as a “verb”. { action }


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