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True, its true not guessing culturally true but divine truth without men’s conjecture. Jesus is coming back. Sure, heard that before.

Bring it home, that’s exactly what Jesus said that many will fulfill scripture by doubting it. They would walk away from the Truth and turn back to the ways they enjoyed before they saw the Light. Who is the Light? Jesus Christ. Can’t trust Him? So sad, you are playing with fire, eternal fire my friend. Don’t get burnt.

We are on the verge of a massive world changing and people are being deceived it ain’t so. Now is not the time to pretend you know a Bible story. THIS IS REAL! The clock is ticking down for a serious eye catching moment to be sure your ready to finish this race well. This has never been a story, a movie or a play that you perform in. No religion saves you, just a relationship.

That relationship better be with the ONE who has the power to save you and that’s if HE can or will save you. Jesus Christ is the only ONE who can, no other said; “I am the way, I am the truth, I am the life”  If you never have known Jesus, today is the day. Tomorrow could be the Tribulation Period that so many think is a joke. There won’t be any jokes in front of the JUDGE on that great day when we all stand before HIM. No laughing jokes there!  One life to live. So come on, look up with the millions of us watching for Jesus to come take us home.  Stop looking around and look up! He has never been a liar but has been true by His every word. JESUS IS COMING!


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