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We love the clear sky, puffy clouds and blue cover above. Rain seems to ruin our parade so often that it changes our day. I always keep a watch at the sky to wonder when it will break open and the Lover of my soul appears. Even in the clouds, thunder or lightning I stand out to watch and wait. Are You coming today Lord? I even get a little tearful sometimes because I can get so weary watching. Day after day, month then years and goodness, I am getting old! How did that happen. My heart struggles to keep from hardening and falling into passive complacency. My Lover will come, my Savior will crack that sky and I will not be shaken with forgetfulness. How can we help but not love Him, when He loves us so? Remember that song? Beloved, let not your heart be troubled, if you believe in God, believe in ME Jesus said. I believe Lord. Our Lover IS coming!! Say it with us, I believe Lord. Let’s look up and watch precious people. He is not a liar. He IS coming. Will you be watching when HE comes for you?

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