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You do you don’t have to be a rocket dentist ; WHAT!! A ROCKET DENTIST!!!   Yep, we are living in strange times trying to know who is actually telling the truth anymore.  Where can I go?  No, not to my phone or TV or internet.  No website is totally accurate.  Its the best selling book through the ages the Bible.  No man has out performed it like Jesus Christ. No religion, no denomination or preacher. Just Jesus, God’s only son. So dust off the dust of your Bible, and open.  Or you can drop to your knees and kiss the carpet with prayer and let your tears melt into the weaves.  Some one may be so discouraged that they need to offer up the sacrifice of praise and stand up to worship the only living God.  Lastly, you may be lacking faith to get out of the house and your in dire need of fellowship.  Get up and let the Spirit of the Lord protect you as you go out to enjoy the fellowship.  What ever your needs, we have the ONLY ONE who is true and forever existing.  Run into the arms of your waiting heavenly FATHER. We have a glorious God through His son Jesus Christ by the pure power of His Holy Spirit. The Bible say’s that in the last days men will have a form of godliness but lack the power.  Jesus asked the question that when HE returns will HE find faith on earth?  No need to fake like an actor or wear a mask to cover up our spiritual lacking.             Let’s be real in 2021 and do all we can for our KING JESUS.

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