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I remember June. She was a very kind mother to my church friends who all drove custom Corvette’s. She was always so gracious and spiritual to me a kid in fourth grade. It wasn’t long and she was gone in her late 70s but her impact on me touched a insecure 4th grader for a lifetime. Are the any June ladies who impact lives anymore? Of course. I see them almost every Sunday still and rejoice that God has brought their wisdom to my ears even in their latter years. I want to imitate the grace and  spirit they display with a pure heart. There are a few men also who challenge me this month of June. They are broken vessels on a heavenly mission for Jesus Christ. All of them have my prayers and respect for living a transparent life without compromise. They truly are servants of our King. They all mean June to me. May our Lord preserve our going out and coming in the month of June.

Pastor David


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