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I love to watch birds and a favorite of mine is the large Woodpecker that is as long from

your finger to your elbow with a red Mohawk haircut. In this article I realize my true self

that I positively am a Mohawk descent as well as a word picker in life. Therefore it is with

great joy that I woke up early to type down what our Lord wants us to be mindful of.

Remember when Jesus told us that He was the vine and we are the

branches? We need to bear much fruit to be a blessing to all the fruit pickers who watch

our lives and are blessed because of God raising fruitful results, not rotten unhealthy stuff.

So if you turn in your Bible to John chapter 6, verse 32 Jesus said;

My Father who is in heaven gives you true bread from heaven”. Like Moses and Israel

it was Manna from heaven for their flesh to consume every day for nutrition. Hhmmm.

Moving on to verse 35 Jesus then says of himself; “I am the bread of life!” Oh boy, this

is going to be a tough example to understand the disciples wondered. In the same

verse Jesus went on to say; “you will never hunger again nor will you ever thirst again.”

They must have been really scratching their heads on that one while a crowd of other

disciples whispered among themselves. Then in verse 40 this leader of the flock Jesus

stated that He not only came from heaven but to believe and have everlasting life.

Now the people are complaining, definitely not understanding. Jesus said; “don’t murmur among

yourselves. No one can come to Me unless the Father draws them.” Jesus is telling all

the people that He came from God and if you could just believe.

If you could just trust that its true and believe people!

Wait a minute! Back up to verse 27 still in chapter six. “Don’t labor for the food that

perishes.” ( that is very interesting thought to dwell on!) “But labor for the food which

endures to everlasting life.” Alright, now we have a mess of guys not just murmuring but

quarreling among themselves about eating flesh. So then Jesus poured some spiritual fuel

on the souls of men that would cause a division. Now He is talking in verse 53 – 58 about

eating His flesh and drinking His blood. What?? Feed on Jesus, eat the bread and live

forever? Now many of His disciples said this is a hard saying; who can understand?

I love it when Jesus says;”Does this offend you? Its the Spirit WHO gives life.”

Verse 63; “The word that I speak to you are spirit and they are life.”

But some of you don’t believe.”

No one can come to Me unless it has been granted to him by My Father.”

Verse 66. From that time many of His disciples went BACK and walked with Him no more.

Then Jesus said to the twelve, “Do you also want to go away?”

Peter said to Him, Lord, to whom shall we go?”

You are the Christ, the Son of the living God. You have the words of eternal life.”

They understood. Three elements, 3 components of spiritual strength not for communion.

Bread, blood and water. We can not live a month or a day without these three on earth.

It was not spoken for a memorial feast.

It was spirit. From God the Father, to His Son, to mankind, you and me.

These three elements are life to a believer every second of every day for life beyond earth.

It is interesting that we celebrate communion to remember Christ death and body with the

juice and bread. Jesus being the vine, His flesh, His blood. Yes we do remember of course.

This is not spoken for temporary flesh needs, or to remember, but for everlasting need.

Jesus was helping people to understand, you and I that it is much more than that.

Its every day bread, blood, and water.

You say what are you talking about pastor David?

Bread is nourishment to our physical bodies that we need to survive planet earth lest we die.

The perfect bread from God gives eternal life. You have to eat up what God gives you.

It never molds or grows rotten with smell so we reject it. We digest His Word. Bible.

Blood is what flowed through a pure man who was born perfect without sin in a sinful world.

Blood sustains life for this world whereby we cannot live without enough blood in our flesh.

Christ lost his blood, shed much so that it was given for you and I from a perfect human from God.

His blood covers us like a door post as a seal to keep us internally righteous for eternity.

Water came out from His side on the cross from a dead corpse symbolic of a living eternal source.

We can’t live a week without water as humans. But we can drink up of the living water from heaven.

It quenches our longing what the world offers that is impure and unclean.

(stay under the spout where the water comes out!)


All spiritual; Bread, blood and water.

We need to live on earth physically all three, can’t survive without a single one.

Eternally available now for every second on this earth, Three to help you live eternally.

God is Spirit who gave the blood for the souls & life of flesh born.

Jesus is the Bread who feeds His flock or will feed all who come to Him to be nourished.

Holy Spirit is living water you can drink up all day long and be refreshed in a miserable world

Three spiritual elements are for you and I every second of every day.

Eat up, be filled with energy, thirst no more.

May God through His Son Jesus Christ bless you with His Holy Spirit to indulge in the Spiritual Life!

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