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Hey fellow believers! We begin a topical study in the book of Psalms. We need a blessing and encouragement some time and its always refreshing to us when we take time to worship and focus on our Lord. Its common these days for people to stay away from the Old Testament. God had His people write under the guidance of His Holy Spirit for us to receive all that God desires for us.                                                       j333                             

Jeremiah 33;3    dig it up for yourself and see what God desires for you. So, in the month of March we are taking these three challenged numbers personally. It looks like this:

   Spend three days fasting in something that cost you something so that you may spend more time with your Lord. Abide in Him as He, Jesus abides in you.  Skip eating if you want, turn off your phone or TV for 3 days. Take all month to fast and draw close to God if you like. Its ok if it costs you something, the reward is life changing for sure.                         

Next   # three is pray for 3 people that God lays on your heart to pray for. Pray all month long for these three in faith, in power, and in the Holy Spirit. These people you can know in need of prayer and spiritual help.                         

Finally, the greatest challenge for you may be the last number three is to share your testimony, your story, how Jesus Christ changed your life with three people you don’t know.             

So, share your faith, share your life story, & pray like never before.  After all, Jesus gave His life for you, do you have anything to give back to Him, your soul mate Jesus Christ?

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