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Jesus and Judas

It makes me wonder why Jesus sat and broke bread with the apostle Judas, his disciple and shared the cup with him, why did Jesus do that??  It was as if HE, Jesus was giving Judas every opportunity to repent and not do what he was about to do by selling Jesus out. Why didn’t Jesus just expose Judas at the table and rebuke him in front of the brethren?  Why didn’t HE just kick Judas out or just have the disciples gang up on him and give him a good beating like HE was going to get? Why?? Because Jesus actually loved the man and didn’t want him to turn his back on the life Jesus so desperately wanted Judas to have. He wanted Judas in heaven, not in hell in torment forever. He wanted Judas to not quench the Holy Spirit and go out and hang himself by suicide, rejecting God’s forgiveness with death. How sad when people reject such a loving Savior who willingly gave up HIS life for us.  How sad that people reject what we have in Jesus to make their own choice to reject salvation. That’s what satan does, the devil kills, steals and destroys.  Satan wants to deceive to destroy every praying disciple in every church. Jesus wept not just for what he was about to do but for all who would reject him in the century’s to come. Dine with Jesus and don’t die without him my friend. 

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