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        When God spoke in Isaiah 55;8 stating that His ways are higher than our ways, neither are your ways My ways it sort of stops us in our tracks. Proverbs 12;15 says that a fool is always right in his own eyes. We don’t appriciate hearing that because we prefer that Prov. 3;5,6 in all our ways acknowledge Him and He will direct our paths. But Proverbs reminds us that there often is a lion in the way and we tend to justify our actions. We act outwardly good but we can neglect to abide in Jesus Christ. Out of the mouth speaks the abundance of the heart. Oh, don’t jump to conclusions, I can make those mistakes at times but my heart calls me to repent and stop and dialogue with my Master Jesus. So my ways are not His ways just like the rest of us. We are all broken vessels in need of repair. May His Holy Spirit grant you discernment and wisdom in your walk today.

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