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Revelation 7

As we continue our indepth study in the final book of Revelation, this challenge is for you and I to practice the deep principle of worship. The people fall down with intense worship and sing or speak praise to the Father and Son by the prompting of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is always willing to prompt praise, prayers and worship to our heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. So it’s our honor and privilege to thank Them for all things from above. If you can’t think of any, ask and it will be made known to you.           Also, notice the united one language of pure hearts with ALL focus on the eternal Holy Ones. No denomination, culture separation or elitist dogma, just Christ centered thanks. That should make sense to you and I so we may, ( not must ) but may take time and Praise the Lord! Practice is perfecting! So give God thanks today and tomorrow. Blessed be HIS name.

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