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What House?

Jesus was always on the road to some place new and never stayed long. Even out in the field HE would cause 5,000 plus to sit, eat out in the sunshine and enjoy the message. Why is it some think they don’t need to be in fellowship with other believers? Good question. Jesus sealed His own house in heaven with His heavenly Father. It is a place of worship forever that was not built by men’s hands. While on earth He often worshiped alone off by himself to avoid people of distraction. That was Jesus. He was always connected to the heavenly, in the Spirit, listening to His Father. He slept little because He did not hide from others, but always had time to talk or eat with a soul who desired His presence. You see, the scripture reminds us that iron sharpens iron. We need to come together because some of us tend to wonder astray. God DID NOT design us to shut out the world or avoid our brethren. HE said; “be in the world but not of it”. That means, walk among the world, but don’t hang out with unbelievers basically.  So there is always work, or a plague or something keeping us away from what God intended us to enjoy. You can thank the devil for fooling us with that one and he is laughing out loud when he sees a believer making excuses. Not everyone of course is guilty, just the ones who don’t want to go to church. So then if you want to be spiritually lazy and skip the reading of the Word, the fellowship, and not feel like you have to give money back to God, HE understands. He really understands, but know this, HE does NOT agree! Jesus said: ” Many will come to Me on that day and say, “Lord, Lord, haven’t we done all these things in your name?” And HE will answer; ” depart from Me, I never knew you!” Works of all the world will profit you nothing but separation from GOD. If your avoiding time with Jesus, then your doing what YOU want, not what HE wants. HE desires time with you, HE is knocking on the door of your heart today, and only you can let HIM in. HE won’t bust the door down when you have no outside doorknob on your door and a sign that says ‘do not enter’. Okay so I don’t like the building, I don’t like the music, I don’t like the pastor or the service is too long. Find the church where you are fed by the WORD of God by a man of GOD. Find the music that is Worship, not just mundane. Building; well, Jesus didn’t have a building like many, HIS was a house of prayer}. By the way, where have all these prayer warriors gone? If you don’t like the people, bet you love all the people on your job every day? Are the bees in your bonnet all stirred up? Forgive me and pray for me if I sound critical or sarcastic. Bottom line? Please don’t miss what GOD has designed for your life spiritually. Just go to a church where they keep JESUS CHRIST first and foremost.  Your welcome to fellowship with us if you don’t have a place of your own to go. WE want you to have the privilege of being the best loved, the best taught because we love Jesus too.

                                                      May our Lord Jesus Christ guide your steps all for the praise of HIS glory.


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