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Blessed by resurrection

Privileged is actually a step greater. Its an honor to serve a Lord who loves us and keeps us so many times Don’t take your life so carelessly in thinking your special because you may think you are. Without HIM we can do nothing. There is no other name by which we can be saved. All others have a way they say to be saved, or think: but we have a promise in trust of our savior. So rejoice in what Jesus Christ did for you because He did remember you for your future. Privilege your self by being deeply wrapped up in HIS love on you that this world will never give. Privilege yourself in the peace HE gives not of this world. Privilege yourself that HE does bless you not because HE has to but because HE wants to. Blessed you are because HE knows what your like when your alone with yourself and no one else is around. Great is your reward forever that JESUS has found you worth of such hardship and trials to be a testimony of HIS glory in your life. Lastly, HE is not blind to your suffering and unanswered prayers that you think HE is not hearing. HE hears, HE will answer some day in HIS own way. So stand firm, hold fast to HIS wounded hand and be blessed to walk with your KING JESUS. Its your privilege beloved.

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