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Rapid Times

It appears by observation that we live in interesting times. Today, I read that the airports are coming out with a new micro three D security check method more elaborate than ever. So interesting that we are scrutiny by those…

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Hey fellow believers! We begin a topical study in the book of Psalms. We need a blessing and encouragement some time and its always refreshing to us when we take time to worship and focus on our Lord. Its common…

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Revelation 7

As we continue our indepth study in the final book of Revelation, this challenge is for you and I to practice the deep principle of worship. The people fall down with intense worship and sing or speak praise to the…

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Jesus and Judas

It makes me wonder why Jesus sat and broke bread with the apostle Judas, his disciple and shared the cup with him, why did Jesus do that??  It was as if HE, Jesus was giving Judas every opportunity to repent…

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